List of Augustine's Works

Almost all the works of Augustine can be read in Migne, Petit-Montrouge, 1841-1849, in 12 tom. (‘Patrologia Latina’ t. 32-47). J. P. Migne reprinted, with some additions, the excellent 17th-century ‘Benedictine’ edition: S. Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis episcopi Opera… Post Lovaniensium theologorum recensionem, castigatus denuo ad MSS. codd. Gallicanos, etc. Opera et studio monachorum ordinis S. Benedicti e congregatione S. Mauri. Paris: 1679-1700, 11 tom. in 8 folio vols. Before its emergence as the basis for subsequent editions, during the 15th and 16th centuries, the Augustinian corpus was edited several times as follows:

  • The editio princeps appeared at Basle, 1489-1495;
  • Another, in 1509, in 11 vols;
  • The edition of Erasmus published by Frobenius, Basle 1528-1529, in 10 vols;
  • The editio lovaniensis of sixteen divines of Louvain, Antwerp 1577, in 11 vols and reprinted at Paris, Geneva, and Cologne.

Although the controversies relating to the value of the ‘Benedictine’ edition had arisen, this outstanding edition was widely reprinted:

  • first at Antwerp, 1700-1703, 12 parts in 9 fol;
  • and then at Venice, 1729-1734, in 11 tom. in 8 fol (N.B. another Venetian edition of 1756-1769, in 18 vols, contains many printing errors);
  • also at Bassano, 1807, in 18 vols;
  • again by Gaume fratres, Paris, 1836-1839, in 11 tom. in 22 parts (this is a very elegant edition);
  • and lastly reprinted by J. P. Migne.

Migne’s edition gives, in a supplementary volume (t. 12), the valuable Notitia literaria de vita, scriptis et editionibus Aug. and the writings of Augustine first published by Fontanini and Angelo Mai. So far the Migne’s editition is the most convenient volumes. It is noteworthy that, recently on the Internet, an Italian publisher provides free access to this valuable edition: S. Aurelii Augustini OPERA OMNIA – editio latina.

Modern critical editions of Augustine’s works are found both in Corpus Christianorum Series Latina (CCL) and in Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL), the latter of which was first directed by the Imperial Academy of Vienna and now under the auspices of Austrian Academy of Sciences. Still they need some time to complete the critical edition. Another helpful, but incomplete series is the Bibliothèque Augustinienne, now published by the Institut d’Études Augustiniennes in Paris, set out as Latin text and its French translation on facing pages with introductions and ‘notes complémentaires.’ Several works of Augustine have been separately edited, particularly the Confessions and the City of God. You can compare a full list of the editions found in this ‘List of Augustine’s Works’ as following. Each number in this list is based on the one that appears in Augustinus-Lexikon, Cornelius Mayer et al. (eds.) (Basel: Schwabe, 1986–). Though it is meant to be a rough and incomplete service, I will gradually update it.

1. De Academiciis — 43. In epistulam Iohannis ad Parthos tractatus decem

44. Contra epistulam Manichaei fundamenti — 87. Contra nescio quem Donatistam

88. De nuptiis et concupiscentia — 131. De utilitate ieiunii