Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Naoki Kamimura and I am a research fellow and a lecturer in philosophy. You will find some patristics related materials, as well as papers and reviews on late antiquity. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate contact me. This website was updated on 29 March 2016.

Curriculum Vitae

I am a research fellow in the Department of Philosophy and Ethics of Tokyo Gakugei University. I am also a lecturer in philosophy at Tokyo Metropolitan University and teaching some courses at other universities in Tokyo. At present I am working as an editor of both JSPS (Japanese Society for Patristic Studies) journal Patristica and APECSS (Asia-Pacific Early Christian Studies Society) e-newsletter. I am based in Tokyo.

I received my MA in philosophy from Tokyo Metropolitan University. At the postgraduate school, I studied the problem of human freedom and divine foreknowledge in Augustine’s Free Choice of the Will and other writings. In the following years, I was engaged in my doctoral thesis in philosophy and received PhD in 2004 from Tokyo Metropolitan University. It was entitled ‘Spiritual Exercises and the Transformation of the ars vivendi’, in which I considered the problem of exercitatio animi and its correlation with the late antique ethics and hermeneutics in Augustine’s early works.

My principal area of research is philosophy in late antiquity and early christian thought. I also have an interest in both the scriptural exegesis in patristic literature and Ancient philosophy and its later influence. I have written papers about Augustine’s view of ethics and scriptural interpretation to be defined as a prescription of a philosophical, spiritual, and communal way of life in the faith community. I am currently pursing a research project: ‘Christian Identities and their relationship with monasticism in Augustine.’ This project directs my attention to the exploration of the writers of North African Christianity, that is, Tertullian, Cyprian, and Lactantius.

As well as this website I have an page Follow me on I also maintain a website of the Japanese Society for Patristic Studies.