Fortunatianus of Aquileia

An African, bishop of Aquileia at the time Emperor Constantius and Pope Liberius (Jerome, De vir. inl. 97), Fortunatianus took part in the synod of Serdica in 343 as an ally of Athanasius and Marcellus of Ancyra. After the synod he was hosted for several months by Athanasius and Hosius of Cordoba, with whom he celebrated Easter 345 in Aquileia. Under political pressure of Emperor Constantius II, he signed the condemnation of Athanasius in 353. (Charles Kannengiesser, Handbook of Patristic Exegesis, vol. II, The Bible in Ancient Christianity 1 (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2004) 1035. See also J. Quasten, Patrology, vol. 4 (Notre Dame IN: Christian Classics, 1983) 572.)


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    • Translation: Trettel, above.

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