Firmicus Maternus

Came from a respected family, not necessarily of senatorial rank, probably from Syracuse, his later place of residence. Educated in Latin as well as Greek, he gave up work as an attorney in Rome during his work on the Matheseos libri VIII. Written between the end of AD 334 and the beginning of 337 for his friend Lollianus Mavortius, governor of Campania and proconsul of Africa, it represents the most comprehensive astrological handbook in Latin. … (Karl Hoheisel, ‘Firmicus Maternus, Iulius,’ Brill’s New Pauly. Brill Online, 2012; See also J. Quasten, Patrology, vol. 4 (Notre Dame IN: Christian Classics, 1983) 569-572.)


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  • [Clavis 102] De errore profanarum religionum
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