Arnobius of Sicca

Lactantius and Arnobius were both professors of rhetoric; indeed, though neither mentions the other in his surviving works, Arnobius taught Lactantius. Both men knew that their intelligent contemporaries despised Christianity because it was crudely expressed: ‘The language is trivial and sordid,’ Arnobius’ opponents complained (Nat. 1.58.2); … The objection was not frivolous; it expressed a sense that Christianity was fundamentally incompatible with what was known about the way the world worked. The Christians were frankly stupid; stultitia, said their presecutors, had laid hold of them (so Galerius: Mort.; cf. Inst. 5.18.12). Lactantius and Arnobius confronted this judgement on their convictions in contrasting ways. (Oliver Nicholson, ‘Arnobius and Lactantius’, in: F. Young, L. Ayres, and A. Louth (eds), The Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004) 259. See also J. Quasten, Patrology, vol. 3 (Notre Dame IN: Christian Classics, 1983) 383-392.)


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