‘Augustine’s Spiritualisation of the Poor in an Era of Crisis’

(2012) Naoki Kamimura, ‘Augustine’s Spiritualisation of the Poor in an Era of Crisis’, in: Kazuhiko Demura and Naoki Kamimura, Augustine’s Understanding and Practice of Poverty in an Era of Crisis, Research Report 2009–2011 Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), 53–63.
Originally delivered at 18th International Medieval Congress held at Weetwood Hall, The University of Leeds, Leeds, on 12 July 2011.
Illustrations showing how Augustine refers to the poor from his youth onwards would be taken not only from his earlier writings but from much of his sermons and letters, in which he does not seem to show his readers the poor as the real constructs within the social and economic structure of the late antique world. But, how exactly does Augustine provide the theological basis for which the truly poor is defined as those who possess wealth in this present life? It is my intention in this paper to consider his view of wealth and poverty and of the eschatological spiritualisation of the problem.
1. Introduction — 2. The problematics of almsgiving — 3. The problem of the inner disposition — 4. Conclusion.
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