‘La exégesis bíblica de Agustín en “De Gen. litt. impf.”’

(2012) Naoki Kamimura, ‘La exégesis bíblica de Agustín en “De Genesi ad litteram liber unus imperfectus”’, AVGVSTINVS Revista trimestral publicada por los Agustinos recoletos, LVII 224–225 (Madrid) 137–142.
Translated into Spanish by Enrique Eguiarte from the original English version published in Studia Patristica 49 (Leuven: Peeters, 2010) 229–234.
In this article the author first examines Augustine’s bilateral commitment to the explanation of a literal exegesis in his works. Next he explores Augustine’s way of exposition in Gn. litt. imp., finally arguing the significance of his first literal interpretation.
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